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4 Ways to Use Landscaping to Cool Your Home

Summer in Wilmington Island, Georgia, gets brutal fast. With the combination of sunlight and humidity, we often find that our home interiors feel uncomfortable and hot, even when the thermostat says it’s 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Part of the problem might be your landscaping, or lack thereof. Keep your home cool with the shade and breezes from […]

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5 Things to Know About Having New Ducts Installed

Does your Savannah, Georgia, home need new ducts? If you’re worried that a new duct installation — whether it’s a retrofit to free you from window AC units and space heaters or a replacement for your existing duct system — will disrupt your entire life, we have the information you need. A new duct installation will help […]

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How to Clean and Dust-Proof Your Bedrooms

Dust is an ever-present hazard in any home. Left unchecked, dust can clog air filters, accumulate in your bedding, and cause respiratory problems to flare up. Don’t let dust mites cause problems in your Pooler, Georgia, home. Use smart strategies to dust-proof your home and prevent future accumulation.

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6 Ways to Treat Your Skin Well in Winter

It doesn’t get cold in Savannah, Georgia, the way it does in more northern parts of the country. Winter in Savannah is still tough on our skin, though. Forced air from the furnace inside combined with chilly temperatures and wind outside dries out most skin types. Take good care of your skin during winter by […]

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Why Hire a NATE Certified Technician?

When your child is sick, do you get medicine from your neighbor down the street? Of course not. No matter how much time they’ve spent on Web MD, you go to a doctor because they have the credibility and knowledge to adequately diagnose and treat your ill child. The same can be said for HVAC […]

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Is Your Thermostat Lying to You?

While your thermostat doesn’t actually have the malicious capacity for deception, it can fool you based on certain environmental and mechanical concerns. Maybe your home feels warmer or cooler than it should based on the thermostat reading, but you can’t find the reason. Perhaps the thermostat in your Garden City, Georgia home is lying to […]

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Keep Your Business Cool This Summer

As a business owner in Savannah, Georgia, you have plenty of things to worry about without your HVAC system adding to the list of worries. Still, comfort is important, especially when studies have found that productivity and comfort are strongly correlated. So how can you be sure to keep your employees happy and productive when […]

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How to Make Your New Home as Energy Efficient as Possible

You’re building your dream home in Savannah, Georgia. It’s something you’ve been thinking about and planning for years. You’re going to have everything you want, and nothing you don’t want. Have you considered making your new home energy efficient from the beginning? While adding efficiency into the design of your home may cost a little […]

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Will a Ductless System Benefit Your Older Savannah Home?

When you buy an older home in Savannah, Georgia, you’re faced with a variety of decisions about the house’s infrastructure. For instance, older HVAC systems often prove ineffective and inefficient, so you might need to replace yours after you move in. Before you settle on an HVAC unit, you might want to consider a ductless […]

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The Georgia Homeowner’s Guide to Whole-House Air Cleaners

Your Savannah, Georgia, home likely contains indoor pollutants such as pet dander, dust, pollen, and dust mites. Thankfully, products on the market can combat these pollutants so your family can breathe easier. If you’ve been considering a whole-home air cleaner to remove airborne impurities, discover how these units function and how much maintenance is required.

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