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Why You Need to Check Your Savannah Home’s Insulation This Fall

Your home’s insulation prevents unnecessary heat loss and gain. When your house lacks enough insulation to achieve this goal, it’s important to remedy the problem so you don’t have to pay for the extra energy your HVAC system consumes. Fall represents the ideal time to check your Savannah home’s insulation, so have it evaluated by […]

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Consider an Indoor Air Quality Consultation This November

As winter approaches, you and your family members will spend more time inside your Bluffton, South Carolina, home, cuddled under blankets and in front of roaring fires. If your home suffers from poor indoor air quality (IAQ), the time you spend inside your house could be detrimental to your health. To avoid the growing health […]

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Keep Your Home Comfortable at Different Temperatures With a Zoning System

If you occupy a home with other people, you’re bound to have encountered a situation where setting the thermostat to what feels comfortable for one person doesn’t suit another. If you live alone, you may have realized your HVAC system doesn’t cool or heat all rooms equally. Among the several solutions for correcting this problem […]

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5 Principles of Ductwork Design That Affect Efficiency and Comfort

You depend on efficient cooling and heating to keep your Savannah home comfortable and your energy bills within reason. A/C and furnace upgrades help enhance comfort with smooth airflow, and they can boost efficiency by up to 50 percent compared to older models. But have you considered your home’s ducts? The following ductwork design principles are […]

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Heating, Cooling and More: How You Can Save Energy in Every Possible Area

Sometimes, making little changes can add up to big energy savings, and reducing your family’s energy consumption can save you money. If you feel like your home’s energy bills are too high, take control! You have the power to reduce them and save energy.

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What’s the Difference Between Open and Closed Loop Geothermal Systems?

Geothermal heat pumps can save an amazing amount of money on heating and cooling bills. Both open and closed loop geothermal systems are capable of providing hot water, as well as heating and cooling the house. Before you go out and spend thousands of dollars though, it’s important to understand the difference between open and […]

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Why Fall Might Be the Best Time for Installing a New Central A/C in Your Pooler Home

The Georgia cooling season is long and hot, and once an aging air conditioner reaches a certain point, it just won’t cool adequately or efficiently. If it’s time for you to say goodbye to your old cooling system, don’t wait until next year to replace it. Installing a new central A/C is best done in the fall, when HVAC companies […]

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Good Ductwork Will Boost Your Savings but What Is It?

It’s amazing the things you can’t see sometimes have the greatest impact on your annual energy savings and overall comfort. Most homeowners rarely think about their home’s ductwork, but the average builder or contractor has to put a tremendous level of thought into one of the most important aspects of any home’s climate control setup. […]

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Looking for the Most Efficient HVAC Equipment? Follow the Energy Star

The more efficient your HVAC equipment is, the more energy and money you’ll save each month. For many years, consumers and businesses have embraced Energy Star when deciding on which specific model of equipment to purchase. And now, a new category, aptly titled Energy Star’s Most Efficient, has appeared to take a further step toward highlighting […]

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What to Know about Geothermal HVAC Systems Before You Switch

What to Know about Geothermal HVAC Systems Before You Switch Some of the newest and most efficient heating and cooling systems on the market today are geothermal heat pumps. These systems literally pull heat out of the ground to keep your home warm in the winter, then pump excess heat into the Earth to cool […]

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