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Geothermal Products: What They Are and How They Work

Geothermal technology has resulted in ultra-efficient HVAC systems that slash your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint, but how does it work? And how can Georgia homeowners benefit from this impressive technology?

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How to Check Your Home For Expensive Air Leaks

Air leaks are like holes in your pockets – a huge chunk of the money spent on utility bills is escaping through them without you even knowing. For Georgia homeowners looking to prevent costly air leaks, you need to know how to spot these leaks and prevent them.

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Control the Mold: 3 Tips to Breathe Easier this Summer

Georgia is famous for its architecture and its humidity. Moss and mold are plentiful down here in the Peach State. Many of the homes are older and there may have been issues with leaking plumbing, poorly completed repairs, or simply inadequate ventilation. Preventing water intrusion and avoiding condensation on the surfaces you can see will […]

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3 Ways Automating Summertime Air Conditioning Saves Money

Summertime air conditioning can cost an arm and a leg in places like Savannah and the surrounding area where we have to battle heat as well as humidity. The most efficient air conditioning system in the world is going to have issues when the humidity is regularly over 90 percent and the summer temperatures regularly trend […]

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3 Heating and Cooling Loads Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Sizing an HVAC system too big or too small is a recipe for inefficiency. To get the right size, a contractor has to determine cooling and heating loads, which means how much cooling or heating the home requires. There are three types of cooling and heating loads, and it's helpful to know how each one […]

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Let’s Talk About What Your A/C’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio Means to You

If you're thinking about replacing your air conditioner, you need to understand SEER. SEER, an acronym for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, is the HVAC industry's metric for air conditioner efficiency over a cooling season. Generally, the higher the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), the less electricity the system uses and the more efficient it is. When […]

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4 Problems With Your Duct System That Can Decrease Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in your Georgia home is important to both your health and your comfort, especially if you have asthma or allergies. The following problems in your duct system can have a negative effect on your indoor air quality.

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Valuable Copper Components Make Your A/C a Target for Theft

Because central cooling systems contain a good deal of copper, it’s wise to have a plan in place to prevent A/C theft. This will deter and possibly prevent someone from irreparably damaging your outdoor condenser to take the copper coil. Air conditioners are the second leading target for thieves who steal copper.

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What Homeowners Need to Know About Sizing a Geothermal System

Geothermal heat pumps harness the Earth’s energy and temperature to heat and cool your home. The indoor air handler is identical to an air-source heat pump, while the outdoor unit consists of a loop system buried beneath the surface of the ground or submerged in a water source. Correctly sizing a geothermal system is imperative to […]

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7 Tips to Reduce Cooling Costs in Your Savannah Home

Savannah’s hot summers can be a challenge when you’re trying to reduce cooling costs. However, there are many ways to cut your A/C bill, and they don’t have to involve sweating out the heat. Try these seven tips to reduce cooling costs while still staying cool.

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