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Just as you shouldn’t ignore that abnormal hissing sound in your engine while you drive around Savannah, Georgia, you should never ignore abnormal sounds related to your heating and cooling system. Such sounds may warn of serious issues within the system, and catching them early means that you can quickly resolve the problem and spend less money doing so. You can become an HVAC doctor by understanding the various symptoms that indicate an ill system. Here’s how you can catch HVAC issues early on.

Strange HVAC Noises

Often the most obvious symptoms of an HVAC issue are strange sounds you suddenly notice. These can range from clicking and wheezing to whirring and clanging. The cause could be anything from a loose belt or part to worn pieces of the system. If you hear an abnormal noise coming from your system, don’t put off repairs. The longer you wait, the worse this situation becomes.

Reduced Efficiency

If your heating and cooling system isn’t keeping up with the heating or cooling demands it’s always dealt with in the past, you could be witnessing another symptom of an HVAC issue. Uneven heating and cooling is a result of reduced efficiency and will not only make your home less comfortable but will also result in rising utility costs.

Reduced Indoor Air Quality

Part of your HVAC system’s duty is to support your indoor air quality. More heating and cooling issues can be identified by an increase of dust, dirt, or other particles in your home, as well as an increase in illnesses or allergy symptoms exhibited by you or other residents of your home.

If you’re experiencing any of these heating and cooling illness symptoms, call your local HVAC contractor. By understanding what is wrong, you can speed up the repair process and cut the cost of maintenance. We here at McDevitt Air would be happy to help you bring your HVAC system back to perfect health. Give us a call at 877-692-9402.

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