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J. Cook

“Your technicians are the best! They were more than perfect! You should be very proud of them – They worked hard & long, knew what they were doing, were polite and left my home without a trace of debris! Love them!”

Leah A.

“Michael was super professional and very kind. He went over and above in order to keep my home clean. Michael was very easy to work with, efficient, and thorough. We have several contractors working in our home and McDevitt Air was head and shoulders above everyone else.”

John and Louise L.

“This note is to thank you for such wonderful service yesterday when my fairly new unit shut down during hottest part of the Summer. The two technicians came within an hour of my desperate call and within 45 minutes we were back to having cool air blow throughout the house.

We have been with you since we moved here in Sun City in 1999 and we just want you to know we are very happy with your company and its standards of customer service. Your technicians have always explained and shown us what is wrong and why as well as checking everything out before leaving and making sure is back to order.

We just want you to know we appreciate having you as our service company and look forward to many more years together.”

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Martha F.

“Called to compliment Andrew and Rob. Very personable and hard working. Just love them for getting Air going!”

Tim M.

“Rick dogged this problem until it was solved. He is a very pleasant man to work with, he is extremely professional and very competent. I chose wisely when I took his recommendation several weeks ago. I also chose wisely when I decided to use McDevitt.
Thank you Rick and Thank you McDevitt!”

Eleanor R.

“Just want to let you know how wonderful it’s been since you replaced my air conditioner. I’ve spent a lot less money and it is working well. You do good stuff!”

Barbara M.

“JJ was just here to perform a winter tune-up for our furnace. We reported hearing a banging in the attic and didn’t know if the furnace was involved somehow in making this noise. JJ listened from below then went up into the attic and noticed a free-hanging pvc pipe. He strapped the pipe to a nearby truss. Not only did he report our furnace is in good condition, but he saved the day (and our minds!) by stopping that banging. We will call McDevitt Air exclusively from now on. Thank you, JJ!”

John H.

“Want to compliment Nathan and Andrew. They Did a great job. Very patient. I had a lot of questions and they answered all of them.”

Russ and Rose R.

“Nathan and OLonnie worked like champs all day yesterday, both were very cordial and both were very knowledgeable in their work—even OLonnie who seems to be learning something new at every turn. Yes, the wires got crossed and we ended up with it 64 degrees upstairs and 80 downstairs. Things like that happen. Kevin came around 9:30, said he wasn’t leaving until he got it right and was true to his word, staying until almost midnight, triple checking the system to make sure it was right. He was VERY good—even on a Saturday night!

Here’s the thing. In any construction, things are not going to go as planned. That’s almost a given. The thing that distinguishes very good contractors from not so hot ones is how they react in those situations. You and your folks reacted perfectly. You were responsive and all of you, even Nathan who called Kevin while Kevin was here, were determined to get it right and, just as importantly, ensure we were satisfied and comfortable with the work.

The system is working well now and aside from our learning curve with the new thermostat, we couldn’t be happier.

Job well done. Our compliments to you and particularly Kevin, Nathan and OLonnie.

Two of our neighbors have already asked us about the work and you were unconditionally recommended.”

Ray B.

“I really appreciate the fact that McDevitt Air was able to resolve my air conditioning problem on such short notice yesterday. I am looking forward to the complete overhall/replacement next week.

I would also like to recognize Kevin Green for his part in fixing my system. He explained to me what had happened as well as how a home air cooling system works. Finally, as he was preparing to leave, he stated that “We appreciate your business”. You don’t hear that too often anymore.”

Robert and Anne H.

“My husband and I wanted to write to tell you how pleased we are with personnel and your wonderful service. When our air went out on a very hot Saturday, Trish got a man here to get us through the weekend. Your people took the time to patiently explain what was wrong with our unit and our options. Based on your personnel’s expertise and the age of our unit, we decided to replace the unit with a more efficient one.

Daniel and Rick were a pleasure to have around the house all day- hard workers, funny, and genuinely nice people. They answered every and all questions and showed us things a couple of times that they needed to do to fit the unit in since it was larger than the old one.

Thank you for such a positive experience – as Daniel would say It’s all good!”

Jerry R.

“I just received my monthly bill from Palmetto and it had another large savings. The difference in wattage was very significant from last year resulting in a monthly savings of $75.00 for the billing period. This is a savings of 25% over last year’s monthly bill. The infinity is my new piggy bank. We are really happy with our new system and your team deserves a lot of credit for a beautiful installation that is keeping us comfortable and saving us money at the same time. We love it.”

Joann C.

“The old unit was so loud we couldn’t use the back bedroom. The new Carrier Infinity unit is fabulous! It is so quiet! We are very impressed. Nathan and Tommy did a beautiful job. Left the house spotless; it doesn’t even look like they were here!”

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