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Smart Ways to Save Money With Your Home Renovation

Your Home Renovation

A home renovation for your Tybee Island, Georgia, home can be a costly prospect, but doing it right can be easier on your wallet than you might expect. With smart strategies in place you can make your newly renovated space the most energy-efficient area of the home, helping you save money not only on construction, but on your long-term utility bills as well.

Use Energy-Efficient Construction Techniques

Think of your remodeling project as the perfect opportunity for a fresh start with your construction strategies. Use energy-efficient approaches from the ground up. Pack insulation in everywhere you can. This is far easier at the time of construction than it is later on. Insulate around recessed lighting, outlets, and light fixtures as well as in the attic space over your new room.

Consider Your HVAC Installation Carefully

You have several heating and cooling options available to you when you’re adding a new room to your home. If you have central heating or cooling in place already, the most sensible solution is usually to connect your new ductwork to the existing ducts. If possible, place your ducts in a part of the home that’s already heated or cooled rather than placing them in an area with extreme temperatures, like an attic. This is a good time to seal and insulate your ductwork as well.

If your home renovation is for a part of the home that sits separate from the rest, consider a zoned heating and cooling system. This will allow you to adjust your smart thermostat separately for each part of home, so energy is never wasted on an area that’s unoccupied.

Add Smart New Solutions

If you haven’t worked on new home renovations recently, you might be surprised at the innovative new options available for your home. If you’re working on a bathroom, kitchen, or other predictably damp space, you can install a humidistat that will turn on your exhaust fan automatically when humidity levels rise. Low-flow shower heads and faucets will reduce your water usage so you’re not wasting precious resources.

Do you find it an unnecessary hassle to turn off power strips to stop the vampire drain of appliances, even when they’re off? Efficiency toggle switch plates allow you to turn off power to major appliances like a television or computer with a quick flip for easier energy savings. You can tailor new wall outlets to perfectly suit your needs with a home renovation, so you’re using as little energy as possible without suffering any inconveniences in the process.

Look at Trash With Fresh Eyes

Keep unwanted items from going to the landfill while padding your wallet in two ways. First, consider salvaged items for your home renovation. From Craigslist to Habitat for Humanity ReStores, you can find gently used items that need new life and snag them for your own remodeling project.

When you’re disposing of your own items, consider getting rid of them in the same way. Trashing large items like bathroom fixtures will cost you. However, many charities will pick up these items for free. This makes your remodeling project both cheaper and greener.

Keep Your New Systems in Shape

New installations give you a fresh start after your home renovation. Keep your operating costs as low as possible by keeping up with regular maintenance tasks for your new installations. You should have your heating and cooling systems serviced once a year for a regular tuneup that will keep things operating as efficiently as possible. Check the filters in these systems monthly and change them at least every three months, or sooner if you see a visible buildup of dust and dirt.

If you’re planning a new home renovation project, make sure you’re working with knowledgeable and experienced contractors for every part of the project. If you have a new HVAC installation scheduled with your renovation, give McDevitt Air a call at 877-692-9402. Our professionals will help you find the most affordable and efficient options for your home construction.

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