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3 Allergens that Affect Your IAQ

Blowing Nose

You deserve to have a home where the only guests that enter are welcome ones. Unfortunately, homeowners in Savannah, Georgia, are often left cleaning up the effects of some very unwelcome guests: allergens. These allergens may become a part of your airflow by hitchhiking on pets and the feet of your family and friends. You may even be introducing some of the allergens yourself. Take control of your indoor air quality, or IAQ, by identifying what allergens may be bringing you down, whether it be from pets, the outdoors, or a result of your own actions. Here are three allergens that affect your IAQ.

Pet Dander

Pets are great companions, but they’re also a significant allergen source. Pet dander is the dry skin that gets stuck in your pet’s fur, but it’s not the dander itself that causes allergies. When pets groom themselves, they spread saliva loaded with an allergy-causing protein all over the dander. These flakes then become part of your airflow.


Those specks that you see in columns of sunlight are more than you expect. A single speck of dust contains tiny pieces of dirt, insects, dead skin, animal matter, and food. Not only that, but dust mites thrive on dust, and their droppings are a trigger for increased allergy and asthma symptoms. Mites are likely all over your house, but they especially enjoy areas where there is a concentration of dead skin (for example, in carpets, bedrooms, and bathrooms).

Chemical Cleaners

Believe it or not, in an effort to keep your house clean, you may be adding to your IAQ problems. Certain chemical cleaners exacerbate allergy and asthma issues, particularly any cleaner that has a strong odor. Air fresheners and ozone generators have also been known to increase asthma symptoms and reduce indoor air quality.

Now that you know the common culprits of your reduced indoor air quality, you’re ready to put up a good fight. In addition to reducing the use of chemical cleaners and regularly cleaning pets, an air cleaner installed by McDevitt Air will have you on your way to breathing easier. Give McDevitt a call today at 877-692-9402.

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