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3 Causes of Weak Airflow in a Furnace

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If your Savannah, Georgia, home takes too long to get warm or if some rooms in your house are warm and others are not, you probably have a problem with airflow. Luckily, most airflow issues are relatively easy to resolve. A blocked vent, dirty air filter, and blocked damper valve are common causes of furnace airflow problems.

Blocked or Dirty Furnace Vents

Dirty and blocked vents can cause weak airflow. Make sure no large pieces of furniture or window drapes are too close to your home’s air vents. Wipe down your vents with a wet cloth since dust accumulations can block airflow as well as negatively impact your indoor air quality.

Dirty Furnace Air Filter

A dirty air filter is another common cause of weak airflow. Air filters block airborne particles, such as dirt, dust, and pet dander, and prevent them from circulating in your home. If they’re not changed regularly, they become clogged and can choke off airflow to your furnace. Dirty filters can cause a host of other issues, as well, so make sure to change yours often.

Blocked Damper Valve

Damper valves regulate airflow in and out of your furnace. They make sure air flows along specific paths so that it reaches every room in a home. If a damper valve is closed or blocked, air won’t flow properly.

  • Automatic damper valves open and close during standard furnace operation. Limited airflow in certain rooms indicates that a damper valve is likely stuck. An HVAC technician can inspect your furnace and check for this issue.
  • Manual damper valves are opened and closed manually. You can check for a blocked manual valve yourself and open it if possible. If you have trouble finding or opening it, call for help so you don’t damage your unit.

Need help resolving your airflow problem? Give us a call at McDevitt Air at 877-692-9402 today. We’ll inspect your furnace and get it working efficiently again as soon as possible.

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