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3 HVAC Concerns When Looking at a New Home

HVAC Concerns

When you’re purchasing a new home in Pooler, Georgia, it’s important to carefully inspect all aspects of the dwelling. You won’t forget to count the bedrooms and bathrooms, but will you remember to check out unseen appliances like your heating and cooling units? Ask these critical questions about the HVAC system in any home you’re thinking of buying.

How Old Is the System?

The average heat pump has a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years, while an air conditioner or furnace may last a few years longer, with a lifespan between 15 and 20 years. With a ductless split system, you can expect to get around 20 years of service. Check the date on all heating and cooling units when you purchase a new home so you’ll know if you’re nearing the end of the system’s life.

If you don’t have documentation of prior maintenance visits, keep in mind that the previous homeowner may have neglected this annual task. A poorly maintained system won’t last as long as one that has received annual tuneups.

Where Are Systems Located?

Locate the heating and cooling units in and around your home. Exterior units should be installed on a flat, stable surface with adequate space cleared around them. AC units do best in shade rather than sun. Make sure interior units are accessible for maintenance work and also have ample space around them for access and safety.

What’s the State of the Ductwork?

If your potential home has ductwork, take a peek inside and see if it needs a cleaning. Previous inhabitants may have had pets, used tobacco, or experienced water damage. There’s no telling what’s lurking in clogged ducts. You also want ductwork that’s well-sealed and insulated, if possible.

While issues with the HVAC system aren’t a deal-breaker, they are something you should budget for accordingly. If your new home needs a maintenance visit, critical repairs, or a new heating or cooling installation, give McDevitt Air a call at 877-692-9402. We offer free estimates.

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