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3 Reasons to Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

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Home automation is very popular among homeowners in Savannah, Georgia, and across the country. If you’re looking to add some automation to your home, check out these reasons to upgrade your HVAC system to include a smart thermostat.

Save Money

One of the main benefits of a smart thermostat is the fact that it can help you save on monthly bills. Although the initial cost of one of these units is more than you’d spend on a standard programmable thermostat, many owners report savings on their monthly bills immediately. With a smart thermostat, you have more control over the heating schedule. You can easily adjust it from an app on your smartphone, which means you don’t have to worry about heating or cooling an empty home. The unit may also make energy-saving adjustments automatically to keep your bills under control.

More Convenient

The main reason that homeowners invest in home automation is for convenience. You can adjust the indoor temperature without leaving the couch. Some thermostats can even be set up to work with voice-activated smart speakers.

Improve Home Comfort

Your HVAC system exists to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere, as well as maintain the indoor air quality to keep your family healthy. With a smart thermostat, your system can do both of these tasks even more effectively. These units often adapt to the climate shifts and swings outside, which means you won’t be shivering inside if the temperature suddenly drops unexpectedly. Smart units also give you more control over the schedule, rather than having to stick to a basic seven-day, hour-by-hour setting on an older unit. You can choose the temperature for every 15 minutes if you’re so inclined. The vibrant, touch-screen display is also more intuitive and user-friendly, making it a great choice for tech-minded homeowners.

At McDevitt Air, we can install a smart thermostat to work with your HVAC system, as well as provide a variety of other HVAC services, so contact us at 877-692-9402 for more information.

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