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3 Ways Automating Summertime Air Conditioning Saves Money

summertime air conditioning

Summertime air conditioning can cost an arm and a leg in places like Savannah and the surrounding area where we have to battle heat as well as humidity. The most efficient air conditioning system in the world is going to have issues when the humidity is regularly over 90 percent and the summer temperatures regularly trend around 90 degrees. However, there is something you can do to save money on summertime cooling costs. All you have to do is automate your air conditioning.

Use It When You Need It

One of the biggest ways that home automation works for home cooling costs is by limiting the use of your HVAC system to when you need it the most. In the summer, this means using a programmable thermostat to keep the temperature in your home a bit higher when you aren’t there or while you are sleeping. According to the website GetRichSlowly, for every degree you adjust your thermostat, you use 1 percent less energy.

Tailored to the System

However, not just any programmable thermostat will do. Some programmable thermostats, like the Carrier Cor, will work with different types of HVAC systems, but many do not. If your home’s HVAC system uses a heat pump, you’ll need a specially designed thermostat to adjust the temperature in your home efficiently, whereas if you have electric baseboards, you will need a line-voltage programmable thermostat. 

More Than Temperature

Moreover, smart thermostats can do more than control temperature. For instance, Infinity Touch Control systems can control your home’s humidity and airflow, as well as adjust the temperature individually for up to eight different rooms. This makes the house feel more comfortable at any temperature.

In addition, to work well, thermostats need to be located in areas where they can experience natural air movement and not be offset by furniture blocking them, direct sunlight causing a false reading, or some other variant. Call McDevitt Air at 877-692-9402 FREE to learn more about ways to make your summertime air conditioning more efficient and discuss automation solutions for your system.

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