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3 Ways to Prep Your Home for Cooler Weather

Staying Warm

The oppressive heat of Savannah, Georgia, is finally on its way out, and cool weather will soon come to take its place. While the cool weather will come as a relief, it also calls for a round of preparation to ensure that you can enjoy the same comfort and efficiency you found in your home during the summer. By paying extra attention to a few areas in your home, you’ll be prepped and ready for the fall and winter ahead. 

Seal Drafts

Over time, cracks form in the seals around your windows and doors, allowing precious conditioned air from your home to seep into the outside. Drafts not only reduce comfort, they also raise energy and utility costs. Seal drafts by putting an extra layer of caulk around windows and a layer of weather stripping between door frames and doors. If your windows are still thin enough that cold air can seep through the glass, install thick drapes to cover the window.

Replace Exterior Faucets

No one wants to come home during a particularly cold day to find that the pipes have frozen, or worse — burst. Winterize the exterior faucets by replacing them with freeze-proof faucets strong enough to resist the cold. Even with freeze-proof faucets and hose bibs, it’s important to drain water and put on covers.

Conduct HVAC Maintenance

With the fall comes another round of necessary HVAC maintenance. The care given to your heater during the fall will prepare it for the extreme temperatures of winter. You can maintain your system by changing air filters (as you should every month) and cleaning the system and the surrounding area. Call your local HVAC contractor to conduct further necessary maintenance. When that cold hits, you’ll be grateful you can enjoy the efficient heating in your home.

A few hours’ investment, and you’ll have a home ready to provide you and your family with another warm and comfortable fall and winter. To complete that prep with seasonal HVAC maintenance, give McDevitt Air a call at 877-692-9402.

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