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4 Signs Your AC Is Leaking Refrigerant in Savannah, GA

HVAC system can leak refrigerant

In the sweltering Savannah, GA heat, a well-functioning air conditioner is a must-have. But if your AC system struggles to keep up, it could be due to a refrigerant leak. This article will discuss four signs that might indicate your AC has a refrigerant leak that needs professional help.

1. Inadequate Cooling

One of the most apparent signs of a refrigerant leak is when your AC system fails to cool your home effectively. When there’s a decrease in this substance, the AC unit struggles to absorb enough heat, resulting in lukewarm air blowing out of the vents. However, before concluding that this is what’s leaking, ensure that your thermostat is set correctly and that your air filter is clean because these factors can also affect the cooling efficiency of your AC system.

2. Unusual Noises From Your AC

If you hear bubbling or hissing sounds from the refrigerant lines behind your outdoor condenser unit or indoor air handler, it might indicate a leak. Remember, refrigerant is a hazardous chemical, so avoid touching the lines, and immediately call an HVAC technician for AC maintenance or repair services.

3. Increased Indoor Humidity

Your AC does more than cool your home; it also removes excess humidity from your indoor environment. When your AC fails to extract heat due to a refrigerant leak, its dehumidifying ability diminishes. Consequently, you might start noticing an unusual increase in indoor humidity.

4. Ice Buildup on the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil in your AC system works hand in hand with the refrigerant to absorb heat from the indoor air. A leak can lead to insufficient fluit available to absorb heat, causing the evaporator coil to freeze. Ice accumulating on your indoor coils clearly shows a leak.

At McDevitt Air, we have a team of skilled HVAC technicians ready to investigate and repair refrigerant leaks in your AC system. We ensure your cooling system operates optimally, providing a cool and comfortable indoor environment for your home in Savannah, GA. Don’t let a refrigerant leak compromise your comfort; contact McDevitt Air today for immediate AC repair services.

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