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4 Sneaky Objects Inside Your Home That Could Trigger Asthma Attacks

Objects Inside Your Home That Could Trigger Asthma

Do you find yourself susceptible to asthma attacks in your Richmond Hill, Georgia home? If so, have you thought about the possible causes inside your home? Commercial air fresheners, knickknacks, houseplants, and gas stoves are among four sneaky objects in your home that could trigger asthma attacks. 

Commercial Air Fresheners

Commercial air fresheners serve as some of the top culprits when it comes to asthma attacks. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI), air fresheners contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, and alcohols. Opt for natural air fresheners, such as cut lemons and homemade pomanders, to reduce household odors without harming your health.


Are your coffee table, fireplace mantle, or bedroom chest of drawers topped with knickknacks? These objects create homes for dust to settle, especially if you don’t dust your home often. Cutting down on the knick knacks eliminates more surfaces in your home for dust to gather, which, in turn, reduces the frequency of asthma attacks.


NASA identified several houseplant varieties that can purify the air you breathe. But if not cared for properly, houseplants can also covertly contribute to your asthma symptoms. Soggy potting soils or stagnant water left in saucers underneath pots and planters harbor indoor molds that might trigger asthma attacks. Frequently check the soil conditions in your plants’ containers and discard excess water from saucers after watering your plants.

Gas Stoves

From new home constructions to existing homes, ensuring proper ventilation for a gas stove in your kitchen is essential. Without proper ventilation, nitrogen dioxide can build up, spurring asthma attacks. Have a home services professional check your kitchen exhaust fan for blockages and other problems that may interfere with ventilation.

Isolating the issues that can cause asthma attacks involves taking a closer look at the items in your living spaces. Our home professionals at McDevitt Air can evaluate your home’s indoor air quality, help you find indoor air quality solutions such as air purifiers and filters, and identify ways to eliminate sources of indoor air contaminants. Breathing easier in your home starts today with a call to McDevitt Air: 877-692-9402.

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