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5 Furnace Smells You Can’t Ignore in Wilmington Island, GA

furnace smells

You may notice some minor odors when you light your furnace for the first time of the season. However, any continuing odor from your furnace indicates that something is not right. If you understand what is causing the smell, you can fix the problem and avoid potentially serious complications in Wilmington Island, GA.

Smell No. 1: Is Something Burning in Your Furnace?

The initial burning smell you may experience is due to dust settling on the burners or the heat exchanger. You can avoid this with regular maintenance. Call a technician to clean these areas before lighting the furnace for the season.

You may also smell a more metallic burning odor due to as ozone. This indicates that your system is drawing too much power and the electrical components are burning. A maintenance technician will look for signs of wear that cause this burning.

Smell No. 2: Where’s the Pet’s Mess?

Whether you have pets or you live near someone who does, you may get the faint smell of urine through your furnace. This indicates that you have hair from an animal trapped in the system that releases this odor as it warms up. Having your ducts and system cleaned regularly helps prevent this buildup.

Smell No. 3: Did I Just Smell a Skunk in My Furnace?

You may notice the smell of a skunk around your home for a number of reasons. However, a gas leak can be one of the most dangerous causes. If you detect this odor, open your windows and find a safe place from which to call your utility company or a professional HVAC technician to check your heating system.

Smell No. 4: What Are Those Chemicals?

You should pay particular attention to any chemical smells that your furnace generates while cycling. If you detect an odor like formaldehyde, you may have a cracked or broken heat exchanger, requiring immediate furnace repair. A damaged heat exchanger increases the risk of excessive carbon monoxide venting into your home.

Smell No. 5: Is It a Bit Musty?

Excessive moisture in your system encourages the development of biological pollutants in your system. As your system warms and cools, condensation forms and encourages these pollutants to develop.

Regular furnace maintenance reduces these contaminants while also extending the life of your furnace. Call us at McDevitt Air to schedule your furnace maintenance today.

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