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Replacing Your HVAC System? Ask These 4 Questions

hvac replacment

You can’t go long without a working HVAC system in Savannah, Georgia, but how do you know which new system to buy? Ask yourself and your HVAC contractor the right questions about energy efficiency, system performance, and correct sizing to help you choose the perfect new HVAC system.

What Is My Home’s Heating and Cooling Load?

Your HVAC technician should not simply replace your HVAC system with the same size you had before. New appliances, remodeling, and other factors can influence your home’s heating and cooling load. Plus, the old one may not have been sized correctly in the first place. Get a new load calculation for proper sizing.

Do I Need Duct Assessment?

Are your ducts in good repair, or do they need to be patched, cleaned, or even replaced? If your ducts aren’t looking so hot, consider investing in a ductless system instead. Regardless, your technician should check out your ducts before doing any installation.

Will I Benefit from Zoning?

Do you want to be able to control the temperature in individual rooms? Zoning gives you better comfort overall while saving you money. You can adjust the rooms you spend time in, and not waste energy heating and cooling rooms you’re not using. Discuss how many zones you’d like with your contractor.

What Energy-Efficient Options Are Available?

New HVAC technology offers many energy-efficient systems that weren’t available when your last HVAC system was installed. Variable speed motors, humidity monitoring, and smart thermostats are just a few of the myriad options when it comes to saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint. Invest in this technology now, when you’re installing new equipment, instead of going through an upgrade hassle later.

Here at McDevitt, we are a factory-authorized Carrier dealer. We’ll properly calculate your home’s heating and cooling load, then discuss your HVAC needs to determine which Carrier system — like a Wi-Fi thermostat and a heat pump with Greenspeed — best serves your needs. Call us today at 877-692-9402.

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