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Control the Mold: 3 Tips to Breathe Easier this Summer

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Georgia is famous for its architecture and its humidity. Moss and mold are plentiful down here in the Peach State. Many of the homes are older and there may have been issues with leaking plumbing, poorly completed repairs, or simply inadequate ventilation. Preventing water intrusion and avoiding condensation on the surfaces you can see will help, but for people with breathing difficulties, mold is a respiratory issue. 

Even for those who are not allergic to the spores, mold growth makes breathing harder for many asthmatics and seasonal allergy sufferers. For these people, an HVAC solution is in order. Here are some tips to breathe easier during these late summer months.

Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Sometimes, the mold is in the machine. Regular air conditioning maintenance can prevent mold from forming on the coil inside the evaporator, and repair any damage an unchecked system has experienced. If you can smell mold from your air conditioning unit, call us. It is not a repair to do on your own. We can also help you set up a maintenance schedule to prevent future problems and even give you a loaner unit while yours is in the shop.

UV Lamps

If mold is a recurring problem in the home, a UV lamp solution is perfect. UV lamps kill the mold and bacteria on the coil so they don’t recirculate in your home. This keeps the system cleaner so it can run more efficiently, and it helps your family breathe better.


Dehumidifiers can make a real difference in keeping a home more comfortable. They pull the water out of the air, reducing the humidity inside as well as the risk for mold. While many dehumidifiers are stand alone systems, when you work with a HVAC professional, you can get a whole home dehumidifier that integrates into your existing system.

Learn more about McDevitt’s indoor air quality solutions by calling 877-692-9402. We are based in Savannah so we understand the unique challenges our local homes have when it comes to controlling and treating mold.

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