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Efficiency Features in New Heat Pumps

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If you’re looking to replace an aging or obsolete heat pump, there are several energy efficiency innovations you’ll want to consider before you buy a new unit. Modern heat pumps incorporate a variety of advanced features that can help improve indoor comfort and lower utility costs.

Better Efficiency in Heat Pumps

Here are a few of the most exciting advancements in heat pump technology:

  • 2-Stage Compressors: A heat pump equipped with a two-stage compressor will automatically adjust its output based on prevailing weather conditions. In mild weather, the compressor operates at a low speed, which optimizes efficiency and improves air flow. As the temperature changes, the unit switches to the higher speed to keep your family comfortable no matter how severe the weather becomes.
  • Variable Speed Motors: When matched with a two-stage or inverter compressor, a variable speed blower offers the ultimate in efficiency and comfort. Blower speed is regulated by instructions from the thermostat. The quiet ECM motor ramps up slowly as the weather becomes more extreme, so you’ll experience consistent comfort without obnoxious wind noise or an unpleasant blast of air when the unit comes on.
  • Hybrid Heating System: For the best heating efficiency, consider purchasing a hybrid heating system, which includes a heat pump and furnace in a single enclosure. In mild fall and winter weather, the heat pump provides the best efficiency. When the temperature approaches freezing and heat pump efficiency declines, the furnace takes over. With a hybrid heating system, you’ll enjoy the best possible energy savings in all weather conditions.

Call the Heat Pump Experts

The cooling and heating industry continues to produce new heat pump products with improved features that provide better efficiency. If you would like to learn more about the newest innovations in heat pump technology, call the pros at McDevitt Air at 877-692-9402.

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