It’s hard enough to battle allergies outside in Savannah, Georgia, but it’s worse if they are indoors as well. When you suffer from allergies, you might be putting yourself at risk just as much from being inside as outside. Make sure you carry out these tricks to keep allergens at bay in your home. 

Eliminate Pet Dander

Pets are a big cause of indoor allergies especially during the summer and winter when the house is sealed tightly. Although it’s good for your utility bills to have your home sealed, it also keeps everything locked inside. Keep your pets outside when possible. Brush your pets regularly and have them groomed as well. Vacuum the floor and dust with a wet cloth. You may also want to limit some rooms your pet is allowed to enter to make it a little easier to keep the house dander free. 

Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter is an important resource in preventing allergens in your home. Your air filter traps dirt, debris, and other unwanted dander from entering into the ducts and through your home. When your air filter gets dirty, all that air has to travel through that dirt and allergens to cool your home. Check your filters monthly and change them regularly to make sure you aren’t negatively affecting your air quality and inflaming allergies in your home. 

Test Your IAQ

Your indoor air quality is an important aspect of eliminating indoor allergies. When your IAQ is poor, your family members with allergies will suffer. Even those family members without allergies may experience allergy-like symptoms from the poor air quality. Test your IAQ and then implement ways to keep your air clean. You may need to invest in an air purifier and change your filters more often than normal to make sure your family stays healthy. 

If you have concerns about your indoor air quality, or have other HVAC concerns, we are the experts to call. Contact McDevitt Air at 877-692-9402 to schedule an appointment to have your IAQ tested today. 

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