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Does Your Home Have Bad IAQ? Look at these 3 Common Causes

bad IAQ

Indoor air quality has more of an impact on the efficiency of an HVAC system, comfort of the home, and the health of the individual than many people realize. For homeowners in Savannah, Georgia, the first step to combating poor indoor air quality is to understand its causes. You can’t diagnose an illness without being aware of the symptoms, so here are the three common causes of bad IAQ in your home.

Poor Filtration

Air quality control is built into your HVAC system. With the use of filters, the system catches allergens and irritants that otherwise would have been spread throughout your home by the duct network. These filters, however, if not properly maintained, can also become a cause of poor air quality. These filters should be checked (and often replaced) about once a month in order to maintain healthy air quality. Whole-home air purifiers are an effective substitution for the standard filter, since they clean the air more effectively and need to be maintained less often.

Outdoor Contaminants

Many of your indoor air quality issues will come from outside your sanctuary. Kids will bring home bacteria passed around at school, pets will track in whatever they’ve been through, and you likely track in dirt and other irritants just by coming in from your garage. These contaminants quickly spread throughout your home. You can fight this by keeping your home clean and taking shoes off at the door, thus containing the spread of contaminants.


With the spring and summer in Georgia comes the humidity. While in the winter too little humidity leads to poor air quality, too much humidity in the summer has the same effect. This humidity increases the risk of mold growth. A whole-home dehumidifier, which works with your HVAC system like an air purifier, reduces the humidity to a healthy but comfortable level.

These are just a few of the causes of poor indoor air quality. For more questions about indoor air quality, or if you’d like our help in increasing your IAQ, give us a call at 877-692-9402.

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