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How Pets Impact Indoor Air Quality in Your Richmond Hill, GA Home

pet affects indoor air quality

Your pet’s dander can affect your health and indoor air quality within your Richmond Hill, GA home. Here are three ways your pet can affect your home’s indoor air quality.

1. Your Pet Loses Dander in a Number of Ways

Pet dander is a type of protein that is smaller than pollen grains. It comes loose from your dog or cat in a number of ways.

One way is when pets lick themselves as part of a cleaning routine. This causes their hair and dander to become dislodged. Another is when you brush your dog inside or play with them on the floor and furniture, which releases dander into your home.

2. Pet Dander Affects Indoor Air Quality

Because pet dander is so light, it floats in the air for long periods of time. Any sort of movement causes it to move around and remain where it can come into contact with you.

Pet dander can also get caught in ducts and circulate throughout the home at any time. Scheduling to have your air ducts regularly cleaned can help to reduce the amount of dander in the home.

3. Pet Dander Gets Stuck in a Variety of Materials

Pet dander is particularly jagged and easily becomes lodged in anything from clothing to carpet, upholstery and other soft materials. Anytime someone sits on the couch, walks across the carpet or lies down in bed, they can start sneezing, coughing and experiencing other allergic reactions. Increasing your home’s airflow and changing the filters are two good ways to manage your home’s pet dander.

With repairs and regular maintenance, your HVAC can run efficiently throughout the year. Schedule an appointment with McDevitt Air to to reduce the amount of pet dander in your home today.

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