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How to Maximize Cooling Savings This Spring and Summer

Maximize Cooling Savings


Spring and summer welcome beautiful weather to Hinesville, Georgia. During some parts of these seasons, the temperature and humidity get really high, causing homeowners to overwork their air conditioners. Using proper window coverings, installing a smart thermostat, and limiting heat-producing appliance use are some effective ways to optimize indoor comfort while reducing your cooling expenses this spring and summer.

Use the Right Window Coverings

Just as the rays of the sun warm your skin, they warm your home as well. When these rays shine through the windows, they also raise the indoor temperature. On a hot and humid day when you want a home that’s cool and comfortable, you’ll need to block the sun from coming in through the windows. Reflective shades or honeycomb blinds block out the heat of the sun, making it easier for the air conditioner to cool your home. Going easy on your air conditioner translates to lower cooling bills.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Have you ever noticed that your smart phone seems to know you better than you do? It predicts what you’re going to type, and even the GPS often predicts where you’re going before you input a location. Well, a smart thermostat is the same way—it learns your heating and cooling preferences and makes adjustments to maximize energy savings. It can automatically limit your air conditioners usage if it knows when you’ll be home needing cool air.

Use Heat-Producing Appliances at Night

During the daytime, the air conditioner is already battling against the heat of the sun. When you use heat-producing appliances—like the dryer or oven—during the day, you’re making it fight harder to keep your home cool, increasing its energy consumption. To maximize cooling savings, wait until the sun goes down to run the dryer. If you can’t wait until dark to cook, you can always fire up the outside grill instead of using the oven or stove.

Contact McDevitt Air at 877-692-9402 to learn about other ways to reduce your air conditioning expenses this spring and summer.

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