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How Your HVAC Can Impact Workplace Productivity

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A good working environment can contribute significantly to the success of your business. If the temperature and air quality in your Savannah, Georgia, office or store are not ideal, you will most likely see an increase in sick days and consequently a decline in productivity. Having the right HVAC system and scheduling regular maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your employees comfortable, healthy, and productive. Discover how your HVAC can have an impact on workplace productivity.

Cooling and Heating Capacity

If your employees are complaining about stuffiness or uneven temperatures in the workplace, it can mean that your commercial HVAC system does not have enough capacity to effectively cool or heat a space of that size. Stuffiness can also be a sign of poor ventilation, while uneven temperatures may result from leaky ductwork. Having a unit with an overly-large capacity can also be a problem because it can lead to cold or drafty areas. Either way, your employees are not going to feel comfortable, which can affect their productivity and health.

Air Quality

If your employees are frequently experiencing allergies, coughing, sniffling, headaches, or complaining about a strange odor, poor air quality may be the culprit. There are a number of things you can do to improve air quality in your office, including making sure your air filters and ducts are in good condition, finding and getting rid of sources of biological growth, and scheduling regular HVAC maintenance.


Banging and squealing sounds from your HVAC unit can make it difficult or impossible for your employees to focus on their work, resulting in lower levels of productivity. Strange noises may be an indication that a certain component in your system is broken. Besides being a cause of disturbance, a broken component can cause further damage to your equipment.

To maintain a high level of productivity in your workplace, you need to keep your employees healthy and comfortable with an ideal and well-maintained HVAC system. If you want to install a new HVAC unit or sign up for a regular maintenance plan, call McDevitt Air at 877-692-9402.

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