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Is it Time to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System?

commercial hvac system

Your Garden City, Georgia, business relies on your HVAC system to keep your employees, customers, and vendors comfortable. It might even protect your merchandise and equipment from exposure to harsh temperatures. If you notice the following signs of a failing commercial HVAC system, call a professional immediately to have a new, more efficient system installed.

Your Energy Bills Keep Climbing

When you pay your monthly bills, are you consistently shocked by your energy costs? It might not have anything to do with the rates your energy company charges. Instead, your HVAC system could be to blame. If your system has started to deteriorate, it will use more energy for every hour that it runs. Replacing it can cut your monthly bills and put more cash in your corporate bank account.

You Notice That the System is Short-Cycling

A short-cycling commercial HVAC system turns on and off constantly throughout the day. This usually occurs because your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner is overheating. A safety switch on the unit cuts off the power before it can sustain too much damage from the heat, then restarts when the interior components cool. If your system short-cycles, you need an HVAC expert to take a look. It’s often less expensive and more practical to replace it than to attempt a repair.

Employees Complain of Feeling Too Hot or Cold

When the fifth employee of the day knocks on your door to ask about the extreme temperatures in the building, check your thermostat. If the settings are correct, you might need a new commercial HVAC system. A furnace or air conditioner that can’t heat or cool your building enough for comfort isn’t working properly. If you replace it, you’ll see a better employee morale as well as an improvement to your building’s comfort.

Business and property owners sometimes put off replacing their HVAC system, but doing so can actually save money in the long run. To have your commercial HVAC system evaluated, call McDevitt Air at 877-692-9402 to schedule a service visit.

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