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Is Your Heat Pump in Okatie, SC Inefficient?

House With Air Heat Pump

Like many machines, the efficiency of a heat pump diminishes over time. Fortunately, an inefficient system displays signs that confirm its efficiency has diminished, thus allowing homeowners in Okatie, SC to schedule repairs. Below, we will discuss signs of an inefficient heat pump.

Unusual Sounds

Typically, HVAC systems hum softly while running. Therefore, loud sounds from your system mean that something is amiss.

Some common sounds that an inefficient system may produce include banging, continuous clicking, buzzing, rattling, whistling and gurgling. Banging or rattling sounds may occur when there is a loose component in your system, while continuous clicking noises may be due to capacitor issues.

If you hear whistling or buzzing noises from your heat pump, your refrigerant could be leaking. A buzzing sound could also suggest that your system may have electrical issues.

Uneven Temperature Distribution

An efficient heat pump should spread the cooled or heated air evenly in your house. If some rooms are cool while others are warm, your ductwork may have holes or separations, your system may have a clogged filter, your refrigerant may be leaking, the outdoor unit may be dirty or you may have an oversized system.

However, some rooms may have different temperatures from the rest of the house if something is blocking the vents in those rooms. Therefore, ensure nothing is blocking the vents before concluding that your system is inefficient.

Strange Smells

That irritating smell lingering in your house could be coming from your heat pump. Some smells that an inefficient system produces include musty, burning, rotten eggs or chloroform-like odors.

Running Constantly

A heat pump should stop running after reaching your thermostat set point. If your system never takes breaks, it could be struggling to meet your indoor temperature needs due to issues such as a clogged air filter, refrigerant leaks, dirty components or ductwork leaks. Schedule maintenance services to boost your system’s efficiency.

Whenever you detect these signs, act immediately to nip the problem in the bud. Contact the heat pump experts at McDevitt Air to have your system inspected and repaired or replaced.

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