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My Furnace Won’t Turn Off in Pooler, GA

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You need a well-maintained, efficient furnace to keep your family comfortable during the long winter season. Skipping professional maintenance could lead to heating issues like your furnace never turning off. Keep reading to learn more about why your furnace isn’t running efficiently in Pooler, GA.

Clogged Air Filter

An HVAC filter clogged with pet hair, dust and dirt can impede airflow into your furnace. Without enough air, your it may run for longer than normal, if not continuously. Clogged filters also increase your system’s risk of overheating and shutdowns that leave you without any heat.

Faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat should regularly send signals to your furnace to tell it when to kick on. If your thermostat can’t accurately read your home’s temperature or isn’t responding to your settings, it may tell your heating system to stay on constantly. The safest way to correct this issue is to call an HVAC technician trained in handling electricity.

Leaky Ductwork

The ductwork in your home transports warm air to every floor and room. When your ducts are old or damaged, they’re more likely to leak heated air into uninsulated areas like your attic and walls. If your home isn’t heating due to air leaks, your heating system will keep running to try and reach your desired temperature.

Damaged Blower Motor

A compromised blower motor may continuously push air through your ducts or stop working altogether. Call for repairs as soon as possible if you’re noticing long furnace cycles, odd rumbling noises or abnormally high utility bills.

Make sure your furnace isn’t skyrocketing your costs this winter. Call McDevitt Air because our team is ready to handle all of your heating questions and concerns in Pooler, GA today.

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