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Need a New Furnace? Consider Hybrid Heat

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Winters in Savannah, Georgia, can be strange. One day it’s freezing and the next day it’s balmy and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Before you replace your aging furnace, consider upgrading your HVAC system to hybrid heat instead. Hybrid heat’s combination of heat pump and furnace ensures you get maximum comfort on a minimal energy bill.

A Heat Pump for Most Days

Heat pumps are a fantastic, energy-saving technology that work especially well in southern climates. The name doesn’t do the technology justice: heat pumps will both heat and cool your home, often more efficiently than traditional ACs and furnaces. Heat pumps are the main component of a hybrid heat system, since they take care of all cooling needs and many heating needs. They run on electricity, but because they use a heat-exchange process, they get most of their energy from the outside air or from a geothermal loop.

A Furnace for the Coldest Temperatures

When temperatures get too cold, the cost of running a heat pump can increase, and it becomes more energy-efficient to run your furnace instead. As a Georgia homeowner, you know you don’t need a furnace very often, but when temperatures drop it can be pretty miserable. Hybrid heat systems allow you to switch between heat pump and furnace, giving you the most efficient and most effective heat for each Georgia winter day.

A Smart Thermostat to Tie it Together

Not all hybrid systems require smart thermostats, but the latest hybrid technology uses a smart thermostat for the best energy-efficiency and comfort. The smart thermostat automatically calculates whether the heat pump or furnace would suit your winter needs better at any given moment, and switches between the two, always choosing the one that’s most energy-efficient based on how much energy it would take to heat your house.

At McDevitt Air, we carry and install the latest in Carrier’s hybrid heat technology. Call us today at 877-962-9402.

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