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Skipping HVAC Maintenance in Savannah, GA? Think Again

HVAC maintenance by technician

It’s not likely that you haven’t used your AC since the last summer. As a Savannah, GA, homeowner, don’t assume that your system will work as effectively as it did the previous season. Below are reasons why HVAC system maintenance is essential.

Fewer Repair Needs

No one wants to interrupt their summer fun because their AC is malfunctioning. Most of the repairs your system might require during the summer can be prevented with maintenance. Maintenance, preferably in the spring before summer heat arrives, helps you have confidence that your system can last all summer without major inconveniences. However, it’s always better to have maintenance performed at any time, rather than skip it.

Maintain Energy Efficiency

As your AC system gets older, it starts to wear out. As a result, the system works harder to keep your home comfortable, thus causing an increase in energy use. Although your AC system won’t last forever, maintenance helps extend its lifespan.

Seasonal maintenance helps reduce AC wear, which means it won’t wear out faster. Replacing an HVAC system is expensive. Practicing regular seasonal HVAC maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your system and help you save some money.

Protect the Warranty

Your AC warranty helps protect your system from breakdowns and malfunctions. Most manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep your warranty functional. Therefore, maintenance is vital if you want to protect your AC warranty.

Improve Your Comfort

Spring maintenance is the best way to prepare your system for summer. Your AC helps keep you and your loved ones comfortable in your home. Often, we take maintenance for granted when our systems are efficient.

Summer heat can negatively affect you and your loved one’s health. Extreme temperatures can lead to nausea, headaches and dizziness. Investing in maintenance helps keep our minds at ease and our families protected.

If you’re looking to arrange for maintenance or AC repair, reach out to McDevitt Air. Our team of professionals will ensure that your AC is fully equipped for the summer. Find out more about our services, and get your questions answered by a professional.

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