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Staying on Top of Air Filter Changes Positively Impacts the Entire HVAC System

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The major investment you’ve made in your Bluffton area home’s HVAC system pays off every time your central air conditioner or furnace kicks in and the efficient ductwork in your home delivers treated air at the ideal temperature. Neglecting one small part of the whole interconnected system, however, can rob you of clean indoor air, money and years of useful service life. Air filter changes do far more than rid your house of the occasional dust bunny.

Regularly changing the HVAC system’s air filter gives you and your home several benefits, including improved indoor air quality, longer equipment life and increased energy efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality

The main role of HVAC filters are to protect the equipment from grit and airborne contaminants. Beyond that, higher quality air filters can clean your home’s air. Better disposable filters or permanent HEPA filters trap more dust, dirt and airborne particulates than disposable flat fiberglass filters. Frequent air filter changes or cleanings are a first line of defense against allergens.

HVAC Equipment

Frequent air filter changes prolong your HVAC equipment life. The filter prevents buildup of airborne debris inside the equipment. Neglected maintenance and dirt building up are common reasons for equipment failure. Moving air through a dirty system or a clogged air filter may cause the blower motor to overheat and break down.

Energy Efficiency

A clogged air filter robs your system of airflow and energy efficiency. To move the same volume of air through the clogged filter, your HVAC system works harder and uses more energy. You can lower energy costs some 5 to 15 percent simply by replacing disposable air filters often, or cleaning permanent ones.

Air Filter Changes

Talk to your expert HVAC contractor for advice specific to your home, but generally, schedule air filter changes once a month. Permanent filters require cleaning about half as often. Conditions warranting more frequent air filter changes include family members with allergies, home with pets or smokers, and homes that frequently keep windows and doors open to the outside.

Air filter changes are just one way to improve your home’s air quality. Learn more about McDevitt Air’s indoor air quality solutions, or give us a call at 877-692-9402 to schedule an appointment.

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