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Time for an AC Tuneup for Cooling Season in Coastal Georgia

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Checking your air conditioner takes time, but it needs to be done before the warmth of summer. An AC tuneup saves you money, frustration and allows you to find comfort on the first real hot day, without hassles.

Because of the numerous components to be checked and overall safety of your unit, you really want to begin soon. Sometimes parts take time to receive. And if a breakdown should happen at the busiest part of the season, there may be a delay for service. That could leave you miserable, and possibly for days. Avoid costly emergency repairs later by checking the overall system now.

AC Tuneup Checklist

What should you expect from a professional visit for a tuneup of your air conditioner?

  • Thermostat – If the thermostat isn’t registering the temperature correctly, your home will be either colder or warmer than you want it to be.
  • Air filter – Clean or change now and again every three to four weeks. This is one  maintenance task often overlooked by homeowner.
  • Fuses – A fuse can’t be fixed, only replaced. A pro will replace any that are blown.
  • Wiring – Inspect it for breaks or loose connections, as a short or a fire may occur.
  • Voltage – Check voltage and amperage to the motors. If the voltage is incorrect, it can reduce the life of the bigger components.
  • Motor – Check the motor for debris on or around it.
  • Moving parts – Lack of lubrication on moving parts may cause overheating and a shorter life or possibly a house fire, so the technician will lubricate where necessary.
  • Condensate drain – A little debris clogging the drain potentially causes severe water damage to the inside of your home.
  • Coil – This is the component which actually cools the air. Dirt will affect its ability to function properly and needs to be vacuumed carefully. The coil is fragile and easily bent or broken.

Feel a little overwhelmed? If so, please contact us. At McDevitt Air, our team of HVAC professionals can help with all of your home comfort needs.

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