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Turn Up the Thermostat or Use a Space Heater?

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People who live in cold climates rely on the furnace all winter. In Savannah, Georgia, the question isn’t as clear-cut. Sometimes heating your whole Georgia house is the most energy-efficient option; other times a space heater may do the job. Figure out what heating needs you have to decide which to use, and when.

You Want to Heat the Whole House: Thermostat

A space heater is only a good idea when you want to heat one or two rooms. They’re not efficient enough for the whole house. If you find the recommended 68-degree winter thermostat setting is too chilly for you, turn up your thermostat a degree or two. The energy your furnace uses to heat your house an extra few degrees won’t hurt your power the way using a bunch of space heaters will.

You’re Cold in One Room: Space Heater

When you spend a lot of time in one room and you want that room to be a little warmer, an energy-efficient space heater set on low will give you the ambient heat you require to be comfortable, without wasting energy heating the rest of your house. We hope you’ve already checked for drafts, however, because gaps in your building envelope will ruin the extra heat you’re trying to build.

Your Family Can’t Agree on a Temperature: Space Heater

You want to keep the temperature at 68 to save energy during the winter, but members of your family are complaining they’re always cold. We know how frustrating it is to have someone else mess with your carefully programmed thermostat settings. Have those family members heat the space they use most often with an energy-efficient space heater so that you can maintain the correct temperature settings in your thermostat programming.

Still have questions? McDevitt Air has you covered. We know Savannah heating needs, so we can tell you the best way to heat your house, whether that means a certain thermostat setting or looking at more efficient systems altogether. Reach us at 877-692-9402.

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