You have quality air filters in your HVAC system, which you change monthly. You use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and even have in-room air purifiers in your Pooler, Georgia, home. If you’re serious about indoor air quality, then you’re not done perfecting your system until you have an ultraviolet (UV) light. A UV light in your HVAC system is another stout defense against microbes and particulates that keep your air less than amazing.

Shine a Light

Typically, technicians install UV lights in one of two places: to sanitize the coils, or to sanitize the air that flows throughout the air handler. The air handler is one of the most common places for mold spores to develop; it’s dark, and the temperature changes that occur during the heat exchange process often cause condensation. Condensation means humidity, which mold loves.

Shining the UV light directly on the coils prevents anything from growing on them. Shining the light at the airflow kills anything in the air that passes beneath the light. We don’t think you need both, but if you have severe mold allergies two UV lights could add even more protection.

Neutralize Particulates

So, how does this UV process work? For more than a century, medical professionals have used UV light both to alter cells and organic matter and to sanitize hospitals and other medical spaces. The UV light itself kills most bacteria and mold spores that flow beneath its beam. The specific wavelengths of UV light destroy the fine membranes around most microbes, killing or neutralizing them.

A UV light does not stand alone as your only necessary air-quality implement because it does nothing about dust, pet hair, and pet dander. Combined with strong air filters, however, a UV light becomes the missing piece in your air quality defense.

Could your HVAC system use a UV light? A McDevitt Air technician can install one within your air handler with ease. Call us today at 877-692-9402 to schedule your appointment.

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