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What Does an Adequately Insulated Savannah Home Look Like?

attic insulation

Summers in Savannah can get pretty hot and sticky. To keep the inside of your home comfortable during a hot summer day, you need to have adequate insulation from the attic to the foundation. An adequately insulated Savannah home keeps the heat and humidity outside while you’re enjoying cool comfort inside.

What Does an Adequately Insulated Home Look Like?

Well, it looks like any other home, at least until you start peeking into the walls, attic and crawl space.

  • Unfinished attic space – Inside unfinished attics, you should see insulation between and over the floor joists. The attic access door should have insulation as well to prevent a cold spot.
  • Finished attic space – In a finished attic, insulation should be in the knee walls and between the finished surfaces and roof. If the ceiling doesn’t extend all the way to the peak, insulation should be on the ceiling joists to protect the heated space below. The insulation should also extend under the finished space into the floor joists, preventing airflow.
  • Exterior walls – All exterior walls should have insulation installed in or on them. This includes walls between the house and unheated garage or storage space, as well as the wall under a shed roof. The foundation walls should have insulation, whether on the outside or inside. Insulation behind the band joists will prevent heat loss and heat gain year round.
  • Floors above cold spaces – If the home has a crawl space or unheated garage down below, the floor joists should have adequate insulation to keep drafts from coming in. Floors that cantilever over the foundation should also have enough insulation to prevent air flows. Slab floors, built directly on the ground, will have an insulation layer above to keep the cold below.

Learn more about home insulation solutions via McDevitt Air or contact us today at 877-692-9402 to schedule an appointment with an HVAC expert who can help determine your needs.

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