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What Does the Air Handler Do?

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Most Richmond Hill, Georgia, homeowners only understand a little about their HVAC systems, like how to change the filter and program the thermostat. Having more comprehensive knowledge about your system can help you identify problems and irregularities sooner, and stop issues in their tracks. Learn exactly how your air handler works, so you know why it’s important to change the filter and get regular maintenance.


In basic terms, the air handler is the indoor unit that pushes the conditioned air through your house. It connects with the ducts and return vent. The air handler has an evaporator coil that helps condition the air. In some instances, it is located where you install your air filters, too.

Split-System ACs and Heat Pumps

Air handlers pair with air conditioners and heat pumps. As a Georgia homeowner, you’re probably familiar with one of these two systems because you probably have one. Air conditioners just cool your home, while heat pumps can cool and heat. With a split-system, the air handler blows the conditioned air throughout the house, while the outdoor unit removes the heat or cold air from your home.

Components of an Air Handler

Your air handler has a blower, which includes a motor, evaporator coils, a fan, and usually the air filter. If you don’t change your air filter, debris from inside your house (like dust, pet dander, and pieces of insects) can get caught in the components. Over time, debris coating the inside will affect how well the parts work. Change your filter and save yourself considerable repairs down the road.

Noticing issues with your air handler? Wondering if it’s time to get a new one? Call McDevitt Air at 877-692-9402 to get your HVAC questions answered. Whether you need air handler maintenance, a significant repair, or total replacement, we have the technicians and products that can get the job done.

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