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What Is a Package Unit?

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HVAC systems come in many shapes and sizes. When you’ve got tight indoor spaces in your Tybee Island, Georgia, home, a single package unit offers advantages over an indoor air handler.

Package Unit Overview

You’re probably familiar with the split-system AC or heat pump design: the one with an indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser. A package unit puts those two components together into one unit installed outside your house. You can get the same components you’d get separately together in a package unit. Your options include:

  • Package AC
  • Package Heat Pump
  • Package Dual Fuel System
  • Package AC With Gas/Electric Furnace

In Georgia, a package heat pump is a good choice. Winters here don’t get very cold, but we certainly have days where indoor heat is necessary. Dual fuel or the gas/electric option are best up north, while the AC alone works for people who live in south Florida.

Who Needs a Package Unit?

Homes without a lot of room for an indoor air handler benefit from package units. If you have a lot of outdoor space and minimal indoor space, this type of system will conserve your indoor space. But you need some type of yard, because package units are larger than outdoor condensers, because they contain everything in one unit.

When installing a package unit, it’ll need to be either on a concrete slab or on the roof. Some package units can only go on a concrete slab, while others are appropriate for roof installation or slab installation. We’ll advise you whether or not the package unit size right for your home can go on your roof, or if it has to go on a concrete slab.

Are you in need of an HVAC system update? Do you hate the amount of space your indoor air handler takes up? Call McDevitt Air today so we can come take a look at your space. We’ll talk with you about the possible benefits a package unit will offer your living situation. Reach us at 877-692-9402.

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