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What Is Short Cycling and Why Is it Bad in Rincon, GA?

discomfort from short cycling

You may have heard of air conditioners short cycling, and that it is bad for your system. Discover what short cycling means, and learn why it’s so bad for your Rincon, GA air conditioner.

What Is Short Cycling?

A properly functioning air conditioner should run cycles that last between 10 to 15 minutes. For properly sized systems, this is a long enough time to cool your home.

However, some problems cause the system to start and shut down quickly. Your system will continue to do this, while never really providing cool air. Professionals call this process short cycling, and it can indicate several problems, including:

  • Improperly sized unit
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Electrical issues
  • Dirty air filter

Aside from indicating one of these issues, short cycling is actually bad for your system. Consider these headaches you’ll face if you continue letting your system function in this manner.

Raises Utility Expenses

Your air conditioner uses the most electricity when it starts the compressor. A short cycling system may attempt 10 or more starts each hour, compared to the normal two or three. This dramatically increases energy consumption, and it will drive up your utility bills quickly.

Wears Out Your Compressor

Starting and stopping also puts a lot of wear on your compressor. If you don’t resolve the issue, short cycling will burn out your compressor. Due to the cost, replacing a compressor usually means a new AC installation.

Leaves Your Home Uncomfortable

Even with the increased energy consumption that comes with short cycling, it leaves your home uncomfortable. This happens because the system shuts down before it cools the circulating air. Your living space will not cool down enough so you stay comfortable.

Don’t wait for your system to fail completely if you’re experiencing short cycling. Call to schedule your AC repair appointment with our expert technicians at McDevitt Air today.

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