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What Is The Noise Coming From My Heat Pump in Hilton Head Island, SC?

Heat Pump And House

If you’ve lived in your home for any period of time, you’ve probably grown accustomed to the creaks, pops and other noises that your home makes on a daily basis. Some of those noises can even come from your heat pump. However, if you start noticing any of these loud noises coming from your Hilton Head Island, SC, heat pump, they may be a sign of serious problems.

The Sound of Metal Banging

Your heat pump relies on a large fan, in the outside unit, that you can see when you look into the system from the top. Both the blades and the housing that surrounds them are metal. If some type of debris gets into the fan housing, it can break a blade and create the sound of metal banging against metal.

Gurgling Sounds From Your Heat Pump

In order to change the temperature of the air that the system sucks in, the system uses lines that transport refrigerant to change the temperature of the air. However, if the system’s reservoir of refrigerant gets too low, you may start noticing a gurgling sound.

Rattling Noises or Vibrations

With so many metal components, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of a rattling noise or vibration. In some cases, these sounds come from something as simplistic as a loose cover panel. However, if you ensure that all the panels are on tightly and the sound continues, your air handler may have an issue or your coolant piping could be too tightly installed.

If you start noticing odd sounds coming from your heat pump, it’s important that you don’t try to perform any repairs on your own. Instead, trust the professionally licensed team of service technicians that make up our team. Call McDevitt Air today to find out about our heat pump repair services and all of our other HVAC offerings.

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