A ductless system in your Savannah, GA home can help to keep your space comfortable no matter the time of year. This system offers versatility and efficiency so that you have more control over your home’s temperature. Learn more about why a ductless system might leak so that you know when it is time to call in an expert.

Condensate Drain Line Blockage

When your system is cooling the air, condensate accumulates, and the drain line takes it away from the system. However, if there is a blockage or clog in the line, the obstruction can cause water to overflow and leak.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil on the inside unit can freeze and as the ice melts, this can cause leaking. This part can freeze due to different issues, including low refrigerant levels, a refrigerant leak or poor airflow.

Improper Installation

Proper installation of a ductless system is crucial to ensure that everything works properly. Leaking can occur due to several installation problems, such as inadequate insulation, loose connections or improper mounting.

Drain Pan Clog

To collect the condensate, a ductless system has a drain pan. Things like algae and dirt can clog up the pan over time. When this happens, the condensate can leak out due to issues with drainage.

Gasket or Seal Problems

The indoor unit has gaskets and seals to keep liquids in place. If any of these wear out, water can seep out through the gaps.

As soon as you notice a leak, you should call a professional to determine the cause and to have the system repaired. This will prevent further issues and ensure that your system is running smoothly. Contact McDevitt Air today to learn more about ductless systems and to schedule service for a leaking system.

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