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Why Do I Have Cold Spots in My Home This Winter?

cold spots in home

Residents expect outdoor temperature changes during the winter season, but fluctuations from room to room inside your home are decidedly unwelcome. Here are a few reasons why you might have cold spots in your Pooler, GA, home this winter.

Faulty Equipment

Cold spots frequently stem from poor airflow due to faulty equipment. Regular furnace maintenance reduces cool areas resulting from the following:

  • Broken thermostat
  • Leaking, blocked, or damaged ductwork
  • Blocked condenser or dirty coils

Outdated or Incorrect Equipment

A few causes of poor airflow are more serious and could lead to premature furnace replacement:

  • Improperly sized ductwork
  • Incorrectly sized furnace
  • Poor installation
  • Undersized vents
  • Not enough return air vents
  • Old components cannot handle current demand

Overlooking the Obvious

Not all causes of poor airflow require a visit by an HVAC technician. Frequently a visual inspection of your home eliminates cold spots due to the following:

  • Blocked vents and registers
  • Clogged or dirty HVAC filters
  • Closed air registers

Lack of Home Protection

A well-maintained, high-efficiency furnace is your best protection against cold spots. However, if you neglect home maintenance, you can negate the effectiveness of your heating system. Gaps and cracks allow cold outside air to seep into your home and warm air to escape. Here’s what you can do to weatherproof your home and avoid cold spots:

  • Caulk and weatherstrip around windows and doors.
  • Install double-pane windows.
  • Check your insulation to ensure you have enough and that it’s not damaged or wet.

You deserve to enjoy your whole home during the winter season without avoiding some rooms due to cold spots. McDevitt Air offers a range of heating services that will keep you comfy regardless of the temperature. For heating expertise you can count on, call us today.

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