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Why Does My Heat Pump Smell in The Landings, GA?

heat pump producing bad smell

When your heat pump is operating properly, it should not emit any unpleasant smells. However, it may give off a bad odor in certain conditions. Discover the most common smells your heat pump in The Landings, GA may produce and what causes them.

Musty Smell

Also known as dirty sock syndrome, biological growth within the system often causes this musty smell. This can happen because of excess moisture in your ducts, insufficient airflow and moisture from defrosting coils. The best way to prevent musty odors is to keep your air filter clean and stay current on your maintenance.

Rotten Fishy Smell

There’s a noxious aroma that many say reminds them of rotting fish. Overheating produces this particular odor, which may come from a motor, plastic components or melting rubber insulation. If your system starts emitting this smell, call us immediately to schedule a heat pump repair visit.

Sulfur Smell

Most people first think of a gas leak when they smell sulfur, but heat pumps don’t use gas. For heat pumps, it’s more likely that an animal has climbed into the system somewhere and died. Rotting carcasses give off this same sulfur smell, and the system will need a thorough cleaning if this happens.

Acrid Smell

Refrigerant can remain in a closed system for a considerable amount of time if there are no leaks. As it ages, it may develop an acrid smell. If this happens to you, contact us to replace this.

The best way to prevent many of these smells is to keep your heat pump properly maintained. Call to schedule your heat pump maintenance with one of our NATE-certified technicians at McDevitt Air, serving Savannah and the surrounding area.

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