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Why Doesn’t My Heat Pump in Pooler, GA Ever Shut Off?

heat pump air handler cover

An optimally functioning heat pump should operate in cycles with each cycle taking 10-20 minutes. If your unit runs constantly, there is an anomaly that needs fixing. We will cover common issues that cause your heat pump to run nonstop in Pooler, GA.

Extreme Temperatures

A heat pump regulates your indoor temperatures by moving heat from your house to the outdoors or from outside into your home. Sometimes, the weather may be too hot or too cold, making your heat pump work extra hard to achieve your desired temperatures. There is nothing abnormal with this situation.

Clogged Air Filter

Ideally, you should change your air filter regularly to promote smooth airflow. Unfortunately, some homeowners forget to check their air filters.

Contaminants accumulate on the filter and do not allow sufficient air to pass through. This makes the system struggle to draw in air, so it runs for longer periods of time than should be needed.

Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant moves heat between the evaporator and condenser coils, and leaks occur if there is damage to these coils. As a result, your system struggles to relay heat from your home to the environment because the transporting medium is insufficient. You may be able to tell whether your refrigerant is leaking by listening for gurgling and hissing sounds. Seek a technician’s help to repair refrigerant leaks.

Dirty Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit helps to dispose of the indoor heat to the outside environment. If the component is dirty and the coils coated with dirt, it cannot release heat efficiently. Therefore, your heat pump runs longer while attempting to eliminate as much heat as possible.

Consider removing vegetation surrounding your outdoor unit. Also, remove any debris, leaves or grass that you may find on the component. You can also erect a fence around it to keep pets away since pets tend to rub on it and release fur.

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