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Why HVAC Size Is So Important


The size of your HVAC system plays a huge role in the comfort of your Savannah, Georgia, home. Having a correctly sized unit can make all the difference in not only the function of your HVAC system but also the efficiency. Here are three of the main reasons why your HVAC size is so important.

Humidity Control

Having a properly sized HVAC system is crucial for humidity control. If the system is too large, it will have short cycles, which means it isn’t doing its job long enough to effectively handle the humidity in your home. A too-small system also isn’t able to remove moisture from your whole home even though it has longer cycles, leading to inconsistent humidity levels across the home. Humidity control is important for not only comfort but also reducing the chances of biological growth in your home.

Consistent Temperature

Consistent temperature is dependent on having a well-functioning HVAC unit. If your climate control system isn’t properly sized to your home, you may end up with temperature problems. The short cycle of larger units leads to poor circulation throughout the house, although they’re able to handle the air load of your home. This will create pockets of hot or cold air around your home.

On the flip side, smaller units may not be able to accurately meet the thermostat’s demands. They aren’t designed to handle the amount of air in your home, leading to poor results as well as poor airflow.

Energy Efficiency

A correctly sized HVAC system should have good energy efficiency, especially if you keep up with maintenance. Systems that are too large will consume extra energy thanks to their size. Many people think that a smaller unit will save energy; however, the truth is that the long cycles of smaller systems can dramatically reduce efficiency.

McDevitt Air can help you with all your HVAC sizing concerns, from calculating the size of your home to picking the unit that works for you. Give our experts a call at 877-692-9402 to set up an appointment today!

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