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Why Is My Furnace Overheating in Savannah, GA?

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You need your furnace to operate smoothly during the winter here in Savannah, GA, but if it overheats, it’ll wind up failing you and your family. Signs of an overheating furnace include short cycling, a burning odor, and continual humming noises. Below, we give three possible reasons why your furnace overheats as well as what solutions you have available.

Blocked Airflow

If the circulated air meets with obstructions, whether due to a dirty filter or a blocked vent, then heat will build up in the furnace. This will then cause the furnace’s limit switch to shut the system off: hence, the short-cycling and the inability to reach your set point. Avoid this problem by replacing your filters regularly and setting up a maintenance plan for your HVAC system.

Dirty Blower Motor

The air filter has the duty of preventing dirt and other particles from getting inside the furnace. The importance of this becomes clear when one considers how the blower motor can’t ventilate itself when clogged with dirt and grime. Without ventilation, you’ll get overheating; the solution, then, will be to keep the interior components clean, which maintenance can do.

Mechanical Failure

The blower motor fan has the obvious job of keeping the motor from overheating, so if this component fails, you can expect overheating. Overheating can also result from bad wiring. Oftentimes, mechanical failure goes hand in hand with an aging system, so you may need to consider, together with a professional, whether you need a new furnace or not.

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