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Why Is the Price of R22 Refrigerant Going Up in Beaufort, SC?

R22 refrigerant in HVAC systems

As a homeowner in Beaufort, SC, you might be wondering why the price of R22 has skyrocketed over the last few years. R22 is a popular and effective refrigerant widely used in AC units and heat pumps. The following are reasons why the price of R22 refrigerant has increased drastically in recent years.

R22 Phase-Out

In 2020, the use of R22 refrigerant got phased out. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) deemed R22 refrigerant dangerous to the ozone layer and the environment. As a result, the EPA imposed a ban on the use of R22, and it got phased out.

This means companies can’t manufacture new R22 units, resulting in a low supply for consumers. The only refrigerant available to consumers will be the original R22 used in current systems, which has a very limited supply. This has resulted in greater demand and higher prices for R22.

Increase in Steel Prices

R22 refrigerant is usually stored in steel cylinders. Steel has increased in price over the last few years.

This has made it more expensive for companies to produce R22 cylinders. As a result, most companies charge higher prices for R22 due to the increased prices of R22 cylinders.

Popularity and Scarcity of R22

The demand for R22 has significantly increased over the past few years. Despite its scarcity, a good number of people in Beaufort, SC, still use R22 in their AC systems.

As a result, R22 has a lot of demand from the public. However, due to its limited production, the demand for R22 as time goes on will outweigh its supply. This has caused a spike in the retail price of R22.

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