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Why the Off-Season is a Good Time to Maintain Your HVAC System

maintain your HVAC

In Beaufort, Georgia, winters don’t necessarily mean snowed-in homes and icy roads. In fact, the moderate weather over the winter offers a great opportunity to maintain your HVAC system. The following are a few reasons why the off-season is the best time to keep up your HVAC system.

Save Money

During the off-season, HVAC companies need to clear out the inventory they didn’t use over the sweltering summer. Since most homeowners aren’t being pressured to make repairs and replace their units during winter, you can usually get a better deal if you start upgrades, repairs, and replacements then. You can replace an old air conditioner that cost you too much money in utility bills, for instance, or get a new furnace so you’ll be toasty once cold weather arrives.

Avoid HVAC Emergencies

Many homeowners neglect their HVAC system during the off-season because they don’t need their air conditioners and furnaces as badly, but that approach can lead to an emergency down the road. What happens if your blower gives out next summer because you neglected to maintain it? To avoid HVAC emergencies, schedule routine maintenance during the off-season. Your HVAC tech will lubricate moving parts, test the electrical components, clean dirty coils, and perform other maintenance tasks—as well as inform you of any potentially faulty parts.

Prolong Your HVAC Unit’s Lifespan

Just like the car in your garage, your HVAC system needs maintenance to continue running smoothly. If you neglect your unit, it will suffer from unnecessary wear and tear and might not last as long as it would have otherwise. Plan for HVAC maintenance during the off-season to protect your system. During the maintenance visit, your HVAC tech can test your refrigerant levels, fix any leaks in the cabinets or supply ducts, and inspect your bearings and belts. If he or she detects any problems, you’ll know about them before they cause mechanical failure.

Now that the off-season is here, have your HVAC system evaluated by a professional. To schedule HVAC maintenance for your home, give McDevitt Air a call at 877-692-9402 today.

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