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Will Changing the Air Filter Save Money?

Save Money using clean air filter

The HVAC system in your Pooler, Georgia, home is one of the biggest investments you will make. One of the best ways to keep your air conditioner and heater running in top condition, and to save money, is by changing or cleaning the air filter often. Let’s look at how performing this simple task can help you save money.

Fewer Repair Bills

The air filter traps dirt, dust, and contaminants before they enter into the heating and cooling system. If you don’t clean or change the filters regularly, airflow becomes restricted, and the HVAC system has to work harder and harder to deliver the conditioned air. With added strain, parts begin to prematurely wear out and need repairs or replacement. Avoid expensive repair bills by keeping filters clean.

Reduced Energy Costs

When the system is working in prime condition with plenty of airflow, it uses less energy. According to the Department of Energy, nearly half of your energy bill comes from using your HVAC system, and that replacing a dirty filter can help to save you up to 15% of that bill. Investing in an inexpensive air filter far outweighs the cost of high energy bills.

Fewer Visits to the Doctor

Filters clogged with dirt, dust, pet dander, and pollen allow those contaminants to get blown into the house, which reduces the quality of your indoor air. Dirty air often triggers allergy or asthma attacks for those who are sensitive or allergic to any of these particulates. An attack often results in a costly visit to the doctor’s office. Cleaning the filters at least once per month can help reduce these visits. Consider having us install an air purifier that traps and eliminates harmful pathogens and particulates to help improve your indoor air quality further.

Give our friendly team at McDevitt Air a call today to schedule an appointment to have your HVAC system maintained and to learn more about how important it is to change your air filters. We are ready to speak with you at 877-692-9402.

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