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Will Fall Heat Pump Maintenance Make a Difference?

heat pump needs maintenance

It is essential that you regularly maintain your heating system. Experts recommend annual heat pump maintenance, especially in the fall, to enhance the comfort in your home during the cold season. Find out below the benefits of a fall heat pump tune-up in Rincon, GA.

Ensures System’s Efficiency All Year Round

Lack of maintenance compromises the efficiency and performance of your unit. Since you can’t anticipate when problems with the heating system may arise, it puts you at risk of an unexpected breakdown. This causes inconveniences that impede home comfort.

To avoid experiencing a sudden problem, contact us for a fall tune up. We will inspect and attend to any minor concerns that are not yet apparent. Small issues can become major causes of system breakdown during the peak season.

Cleaner and Healthier Home

During maintenance, one of our professional technicians inspects and cleans the entire system. Over time, dust and dirt accumulate on the system’s filters. Sometimes, particles like pollen pass through the filter, polluting the indoor air.

These contaminants can cause recurrent respiratory infections and make life uncomfortable for loved ones with allergies. Fall maintenance will keep the unit clean and reduce the chances of respiratory infections.

Fewer Repairs

Regular unit tune-up reduces the need for frequent repairs. As the heating unit operates, it may develop issues that could lead to expensive repairs.

When left unattended for a long time, they can cause unit breakdown, leading to premature unit replacement. During maintenance, we can detect these issues and fix them before they become major concerns.

Lower Energy Bills

A poorly maintained system works hard to maintain your home’s desired temperature. The extra stress may cause some components to weaken, resulting in inefficiency, which in turn increases electricity usage.

Our professionals identify the causes of inefficiency and fix them during a maintenance visit to ease the strain on your system. Hence, the unit runs efficiently, consuming less energy and lowering your utility costs.

Our NATE-certified technicians are available 24/7 to provide quality services that guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact McDevitt Air for heat pump maintenance services in Rincon, GA and the surrounding areas.

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