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Cool evenings and cold nights are here.

You probably have your heating system turned on already. But if you haven’t had a heating system tune-up yet this season, you may not have heat all winter.

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Often people turn on their heat and as long as it’s blowing warm, they think they’ll be fine until spring. Here’s what usually happens though:

  1. A cold front comes through and your system can’t handle the strain of running for longer periods of time and stops working.
  2. OR

  3. After the first month of running your heating system, your energy bill arrives and you’re in shock at how much it has cost you to run an inefficient system.

As temperatures drop, heating repair companies get busier. If you don’t have your furnace or heat pump tuned-up, you may find yourself on a waiting list along with other people who didn’t prepare their heating system for cold weather. A small repair today can become a larger and more expensive problem in a month.


We don’t want you to wait for service and we sure don’t want you to shiver.
That’s why we’re offering this special $79 heating tune-up.

Call us and get your tune-up scheduled today!

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