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6 Ways to Treat Your Skin Well in Winter

staying hydrated

It doesn’t get cold in Savannah, Georgia, the way it does in more northern parts of the country. Winter in Savannah is still tough on our skin, though. Forced air from the furnace inside combined with chilly temperatures and wind outside dries out most skin types. Take good care of your skin during winter by using a good skincare regimen, installing a humidifier, and drinking lots of water. You’ll feel less itchy, look less red, and overall be much happier even when the temperature isn’t at its best.

Don’t Take Hot Showers

Steamy hot showers feel amazing in the winter, but they’re terrible for your skin (and your electric bill). Turn the water temperature down as far as you can; hot water further dries your already dry skin. If you can’t stand being in the shower unless it’s steamy hot, minimize your shower time. When you’re just washing your face or your hands, use lukewarm instead of hot water.

Drink Water

Forced-air heating dries out the air in your home. Your body and your skin become dehydrated in these conditions, and many people forget to drink water in the winter. After all, you’re not sweating and you’re not reaching for a cool glass of H2O for refreshment. Keep the interior of your skin healthy and hydrated by drinking extra water during the winter. If you’re not into cold water during the winter, reach for some hot tea instead.

Install a Humidifier

The best HVAC solution for your skin in the winter is a humidifier. Yes, even in Savannah you could use a humidifier during the winter. Why? Because forced-air heating dries out the air in your home, even if it’s humid outside. Your skin and body lose moisture more quickly, and you’ll develop dry skin and sometimes even rashes if the humidity in your home drops too low. Have us install a whole-house humidifier that kicks on when your heater does. The air that flows through your home will help keep your skin properly hydrated this winter.

Use Oil-Based Moisturizer

Savannah may be one of the more humid cities in the country, but we still have our dry winter days. To keep forced-air heating from drying out your skin, switch up your moisturizer this winter. Use an oil-based formula instead of a water-based one. The oil offers extra moisture that doesn’t evaporate quickly. If you develop dry patches on your hands or your face, an oil-based moisturizer is definitely the way to go.

Bundle Up

The chilly wind is another cause of dry skin. Savannah will never have blustery winter wind the way the northern states do, but our air still gets chilly. Buy a lightweight scarf and wrap it around your face on the days when the temperature drops to uncomfortable levels. Don’t let a lack of snow or freezing temperatures fool you: Our chilly days are still bad for your skin. Covering helps your skin retain its natural oils and moisture.

Wear Sunscreen

The sun’s UV rays affect our skin whether it’s summer or winter, so don’t skip the sunscreen. Sunburns in summer are an easy reminder that you need sunscreen to protect your skin, but in winter, you don’t get that cue. The sun still damages your skin on a cellular level, even if you haven’t burned. Get an SPF 15 or 30 that you wear on your face and other exposed skin every day. Gloves and a hat with a wide brim work, too.

Trust the pros at McDevitt Air to install a humidifier that will alleviate your dry skin. While we’re around, have us look at your furnace to ensure it’s properly maintained to keep you warm all winter. When summer rolls around, we’ve got your dehumidification needs covered too. Call us today at 877-692-9402.

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