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How To Keep Your Family From Fighting Over The Thermostat

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When you have a family constantly fighting over the thermostat in your Savannah, Georgia, home, it’s frustrating and expensive. Implement these three tricks to keep your family comfortable and happy without constantly adjusting the thermostat. 

Compromise on the Temperature

If you’re always hot and your spouse is always cold, it makes the most sense to agree to a middle temperature and not touch it. Figure out ways to stay comfortable with the agreed-upon temperature. It could mean wearing lighter clothing in the summer or putting extra blankets on the bed if one of you gets chilly at night. You might also consider extra fans in rooms frequented by your spouse to keep them comfortable without paying to cool every room in your house. 

Discuss the Importance of Energy Savings

Besides frustration, the biggest problem with fighting over the temperature is that it wastes a lot of energy. Heating and cooling is expensive, and it’s never too early to discuss these costs with your family. Sit your family down and talk about how much money each degree on the thermostat costs. Then, discuss ways to stay cooler or warmer without adjusting the thermostat. Encourage kids to take a cool shower when they come in from playing or to drink a cold glass of water to cool off on a hot day. 

Install a Smart Thermostat

If all else fails, install a smart thermostat, and lock it so only you or your spouse has control. You keep control over the temperature and avoid kids running in and swinging the temperature dramatically. If someone wants to adjust the thermostat, they can discuss it with you, and you can decide whether it’s necessary. You also have better control of changing the temperature during the days and nights or when you are gone for the weekend. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your thermostat or have other HVAC concerns, we are the people to call. Contact McDevitt Air at 877-692-9402 to schedule an appointment today. 

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